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Liability Disclaimer 

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Blue World Institute does not take responsibility for any decision taken by the user and based on the information provided through this app and related services. Any decisions you make based on information obtained through Marine Ranger are your individual responsibility and you will use Marine Ranger only to facilitate your learning about marine mammals. You are accessing Marine Ranger at your own risk, and you will be solely responsible for any damage or loss that results therefrom. 

Please be advised that the information provided through Marine Ranger rely on data obtained from many sources and, while we made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, we cannot guarantee it. The Marine Ranger does not provide or replace any permits, guidelines or advice provided or required by national legislation or legally responsible authorities in national or international waters, particularly those related to nature and biodiversity protection (or similar). Each user is required to obtain and follow relevant information regarding the status of protected species in each country or territory it is carrying out observation. 

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